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We have been servicing the Greater Hartford area since 1988. We’re an independent office committed to selling your home with an individualized approach.

Selling real estate isn’t a one size fits all approach. Our marketing, pricing, and promotional strategies are customized on an individual basis to best serve your needs. Big business is good at making money by providing standard services to all. However, commissions are expensive and you shouldn’t be treated like a number. Our personalized services are the exact opposite of corporate thinking.

Franchise firms focus on highest volume. If you happen to get hurt along the way it’s just a cost of their doing business. Our reputation matters, we put our focus on quality.

Your Wallace & Tetreault agent sees the entire transaction through from start to finish. No details are lost whne you work with teh same person throughout the entire transaction. Communications will get confused as you pass through the hierarchy of lesser skilled “team members” that corporate America seems to thrive on. This is not unlike what has happened in other professions. You are lucky if you get 15 minutes with a specialist. After that, it’s the assistants along with a confusing bureaucratic mess that you are left to deal with.

Our agents are dedicated to your results. We don’t have franchse, desk, or transaction fees. This alleviates the stress on the agent so they can focus on implementing the right mix of marketing strategies.

Another consideration is who will you turn to should something go wrong? (Yes, it can happen here as well!) Do you want to approach a mid-level corporate manager who likely can’t help you even if they want to, or would you prefer to approach 2 owners with a combined 50 years of experience?

Your home will be seen online! Many of the large corporations have become quite selective over which internet sites they allow your home to be found on. Our office opts-in to all online web feeds (including other agencies). Consumers want info on your home and we don’t hide it. Be sure your home is found online where 90% of consumers turn their search to first.

Still not sure? Every person working our Wallace & Tetreault office is licensed, even the person answering the phones. The larger corporate firms are filled with non-licensed personnel whenever it makes economic sense for them to do so. Do you really want non-licensed personnel involved with your sale?

It’s your choice, cookie cutter or something better. We believe that it should be with us.

Thank you,
Ben Wallace & Julie Tetreault

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